Bevel 400

Straight Line Glass Beveling Machine

  • Simple, reliable, and easy to use!
  • Process bevels up to 1 ½” wide
  • Minimum size glass 3 ¼” X 3 ¼”
  • Glass Thickness 3 to 15MM (20mm optional)
  • Super Strong Track Design
  • Easy to use PLC

Battellino’s Bevel 400 is a simple, proven design that is built for years of reliable performance! Why pay thousands more for a glass beveling machine, when you can own a quality-built Battellino?

In addition to Battellino machines, Matodi has in stock a range of spare machine parts for Battellino machines, as well as aftersales and service. You can depend on Matodi to supply service, tools, and spare machine parts!

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