More and more fabricators are investing in laminating lines as creative applications are becoming more commonplace and many new safety codes are requiring laminated glass usage.

These are just a few final products that can be produced with a laminating line:

Louis Vuitton store in Rome, San Lorenzo in Lucina Square

GLASSBEL Office by Glassbel PVB and Solar Cell Lamination

Here are a few machines that you can use to build your own laminating line:

Neptun Advanced Glass Machinery offers a variety of washing solutions to fit any production environment and budget.  Quality machinery provided by the Bavelloni Family which has been producing washers in Italy for over 60 years.  Space-saving vertical and high-speed horizontal machines can be integrated into horizontal production lines or can be used as stand-alone machinery.  Neptun offers manually adjusted machinery or PLC-controlled machinery that can manage water quality and automatically adjust line speeds and thickness to increase your production efficiencies. Neptun’s core competence is cleaning for heavy glass, glass to be painted or screen printed, glass to be tempered and glass to be laminated.  Through their generous catalog of options, each machine can be custom tailored for your specific application and needs.

Matodi offers Italian made cutting, storage and loading equipment manufactured by Intermac.  Known for their expertise in CNC workstations for glass and stone, Intermac has been producing standalone cutting machines and automated cutting lines for decades.  Intermac can offer tailored solutions to meet the demands of the ever-increasing integrated factories around the world.  More than 3000 cutting tables including 200 Jumbo lines have been placed around the world by this class leading company. Intermac delivers high speed, accurate, and flawless breakout cutting as well as the capability to automatically score, cut and breakout arch top or straight laminated glass! With over 17 factory trained technicians and a USA headquarters, Intermac provides installation, training, and support for the entire life of their machines.

Matodi offers quality Italian flat edging and polishing machinery from Neptun. Neptun is capable of handling glass up to 40mm and 440 lbs. per meter giving you the capacity to handle large and heavy glass before or after lamination.  Neptun also now offers automatic wheel adjustment to help operators to produce faster and higher quality edges rather than spending excess time adjusting tooling.  Neptun Rock edgers offer fast running speeds and over all lower cost of tooling and ownership compared to their Italian counterparts.

Neptun offers vertical processing solutions for notching, milling, and two-sided drilling with the Quick 2. Designed to be operator-friendly with fast programming, this vertical CNC machine will produce CNC milled notches and drilled holes with high accuracy. Matodi installs, trains, and supports the Neptun line of equipment from our home office in North Carolina.

The Bravo Vertical Seaming Robot offers a loading and unloading capability for simple seamed edge glass. Compact and self-sufficient to get more seamed panels processed with less labor. The Bravo can also be integrated into vertical washing or insulating lines.

Matodi offers the Barbaric lift assists made in Austria. We stock several models in Greensboro, NC for fast shipping. We also offer service, support, and spare parts from Greensboro.

The Barbaric lifters are offered with ergonomic “handlebar” style controls, designed to keep your operators away from the glass and still be able to easily manipulate large and heavy glass with the simple touch of a button or flip of their thumbs. All lifters are provided with an integrated chain hoist which is speed controlled by an inverter for finite control of the lifting and lowering. Vacuum is maintained, even in the event of power loss in the factory, due to their robust design and usage of compressed air to generate vacuum instead of an electric vacuum pump.

The EMH rails are crafted from extruded aluminum and are designed to be bolted together and installed by the end-user. Manufactured in Valley City Ohio, these rails offer the smoothest gliding operation seen in the market. Systems are supplied with coiled air and flat electrical cables to work with our Barbaric lifters.

Deltamax is an Italian supplier of glass defect scanning solutions. Defects in glass that are not found prior to laminating cause finished panels to be unusable. Deltamax scanners can save companies time, money and prevent the need for remakes by catching scratches, dirt, smudges, and other defects in glass before value-added operations such as laminating. These scanners can be installed after the washer in line or as standalone inspection stations. Evaluation software available from Deltamax can help production associates recognize repeating defects and help to track down their root cause so that actions can be taken to prevent them in the future.

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