Overhead Material Handling Designs

For loads from 35 pounds to 300 tons!

Matodi is able to serve multiple lifting needs by teaming with EMH. Their material handling solutions which include:

  • Bridge Cranes
  • Gantry Cranes
  • Workstation Cranes
  • Jib Cranes
  • Free Standing Cranes
  • Crane Kits
  • Custom and Standard Wire Rope Hoists and End Trucks


Overhead Bridge Cranes

Single Girder, Double Girder, Top and Under Running Wall Traveling Jibs, and Special Cranes

System 2000 Crane Kits

Hoists, End Trucks, Electrification for
Standard Cranes to 40 Tons, Single Girder, Double Girder

AL Systems™ Aluminum Workstation Cranes

Free Standing Systems, Ceiling Mounted Systems, Lifting Devices, Components

Gantry Cranes

Single Girder, Double Girder, Single and Double Leg Cantilever

Wire Rope Hoists

Standard Package Hoists and
Special Application Hoists

Jib Cranes

Wall Traveling Standard AL Systems™, Aluminum Wall Mounted, Floor Mounted (Pillar)

End Trucks

Single and Double Girder
Top and Bottom Running

Bogie End Trucks

More About AL SYSTEMS™ – Aluminum Rail Workstations Cranes

Tomorrow’s overhead material handling system is here today! The AL SYSTEMS™ Aluminum Crane Rail System by EMH can safely, efficiently and economically transport loads as light as 35 lbs.

Its light weight and unique profile with T-slots allow systems to be designed with a wide variety of lifters and end effectors, and provide an almost unlimited number of configurations.

The precise tolerances of the rail, combined with smooth running trolleys, often allow manual operation where less advanced systems would require costly motorization. Splices between lengths of rail are bolted together without gaps – you won’t feel a bump when our trolleys move over a splice. Loads will always move smoothly – even at the ends of the bridge.

AL SYSTEMS™ aluminum cranes components can be used in manual, semi-automatic, and completely automated systems.

Typical AL SYSTEM™ Configurations:

Ceiling Mounted Workstation Crane

Pillar Jib Crane

Freestanding Workstation Crane

Wallmounted Jib Crane

Conventional Freestanding Crane

AL SYSTEM™ Components

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