Flat Glass Edging & Polishing Machines Supplier

Here at Matodi, we offer a wide rage of quality flat glass edging machines to fit the needs of any size business in the glass industry. We are also able to help you customize each machine based on your production requirements. Choose from Naptun, Sulak, and Battellino flat glass machines. When you buy a machine from Matodi you receive world-class service before, during and after installation. We offer the important tooling and spare parts that you will need to keep your flat edge machine running smoothly in the many years to come.


Heavy-duty Italian flat glass edgers for medium to large glass businesses

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Rock 10-45 Flat Glass Edger


Quality-made Italian flat glass edgers for small to medium glass businesses

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FP 6 Flat Glass Edger


Vertical Flat Glass Edgers

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BTS 02 Maxi

How Does Flat Glass Edging Work?

As you may already know, glass edgework is the process of sanding the glass edges after it has been cut to give the glass either a seamed, beveled or polished edge. Glass edging machines are made specifically for the process of creating the straight edge of flat glass. The machines are designed to cut the edges and polish them all in one. Our edging machines allow for coarse, rough or fine grinding of the edges, depending on your objective.

The machines we offer are known to have the following benefits:

  • Easy transportation and installation
  • Edging and polishing all-in-one machine
  • Glass edging is fast and accurate
  • Compact design for space efficiency
  • Customized features available
  • Top of the line Innovative technology

Which Type of Edge Is Best For You?

The type of edging that should be used on the flat glass will likely depend on what your project or use of the glass is. If the glass is going to be placed in a frame, a seamed edge will suffice. However, if you plan to leave the edges of the glass piece exposed, you will want to have a polished or beveled edge. If you are going for a simple look or plan to use the glass as a vanity mirror, for example, we recommended a polished edge. If you want your glass to have a more stylish look, we recommend a beveled edge.

High-Quality Edging Machines

Each machine we offer will provide you with the high-quality edge and polish that you need to have to give your customers the best glass. We work closely with our suppliers as an intermediary for you to ensure the straight line edging machines are exactly what you require. If you’d like to discuss your options for edgers further please call us at 336.668.2300, email us at sales@matodi.biz or, visit our Sales Team Page to contact your regional sales representative.