Single and Multi-Pass Digital Printing Line

Dinamica is an innovative and technologically advanced system for the glass decoration sector, designed to provide an integrated process that meets the requirements of industrial operations of the latest generation.

The Dinamica line combines flexibility in digital printing with the high speed typically associated with conventional screen printing techniques. The innovative solution that makes it possible to meet the needs of the most exclusive design projects in the home appliance, interior design and automotive sectors. 

The revolutionary Dinamica digital printing system streamlines the process of applying graphics of all types to glass surfaces. The operator can choose between multi-pass or single-pass printing. With multi-pass printing, after the automatic alignment operation, the glass sheet is stopped and scanning printed, with the facility to change the color printing sequence. With the single-pass process, the printing unit is fixed, and it is the glass that moves, allowing the application of a single “coat” in multiple colors. The constantly recirculated ceramic ink allows for rapid repeat print jobs, thus guaranteeing constant availability of the machine and exceptional flexibility of use.


Digital Ink Jet Plotter

iPlotter is a digital ink jet plotter using “drop on demand” technology, designed specifically for printing on glass slabs using specific inks, used to reproduce drawings, images and photographs for in the architecture, automotive and furnishing sectors.

A dedicated hydraulic system keeps the ink in circulation and a battery of filters eliminates the impurities and air bubbles, thus preventing the nozzles from blocking and almost totally eliminating the machine down times.

The latest-generation printer head with drop size management produces high resolution photographic prints with high contrast shading. The standard used is four-color printing (CMYK) while the electronics and software were implemented to use printing types of up to eight colors.

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