Flat GLASS WASHING MACHINES – Vertical and Horizontal

Glass washing machines are crucial to the glass fabrication process to ensure clean, high-quality glass from low-E glass to insulated glass, tempered glass, and much more. The washers are designed to remove any impurities from the sheet to prepare the flat glass for the remaining steps in the manufacturing process, such as tempering or lamination. At Matodi, we offer both vertical and horizontal washers that range from entry-level to highly automated (all customizable) to best fit your current and future production needs.

Neptun Vertical Glass Washers

Neptun is the leading manufacturer of horizontal and vertical glass washing machines. This second-generation family-run business produces glass processing machines featuring the latest technology for efficient glass washing and drying. Some of Neptun glass washing machine options that our Matodi team carries include:

Neptun LV Top Vertical Glass Washer

This Neptun LV Top Vertical Glass Washing Machine elevates the expectations of a basic glass washer in that it’s:

  • Designed for those who need a machine for efficient washing and drying with low investment and increased reliability
  • Offers a generous amount of stainless steel in all wet and drying areas
  • Has customizable lengths for conveyors and delivering performance suitable for heavy glass fabrication and insulated glass production
LV Top Washer

Neptun LV EVO Vertical Glass Washing Machine

The Neptun LV EVO Vertical Glass Washer comes in a wide range of sizes to meet your glass processing needs and is perfect for stand-alone or inline washing requirements. It is a more automated version of the LV Top design, which allows it to offer the following benefits:


  • Automated options for maintaining water cleanliness
  • A simple move oif the brush drives to the top of the machine increases the reliability and longevity of the machine
  • It automatically adjusts brushes, air knives and drive rollers for on-the-fly glass thickness adjustments
Superinox Vertical Washer

Neptun WAVE Vertical Glass Washer

The Wave Series of glasswashers from Neptun feature sound construction aimed at ensuring maximum reliability and longevity. These Neptun vertical glass washing machines are fully automated and offers superior performance in handling all glass processing applications, including the following:

  • High productivity
  • Washing quality
  • Integration into the fabrication processes
Wave Vertical Washer

Neptun “On Board” Vertical Washer LV322-40

The Neptun LV322-40 is a glass washer that is fully integrated with the Rock series edgers – making it a great way to complete your production line. It is also equipped with automatic thickness adjustment up to 40mm.

LV322-40 On Board Washer

Neptun Horizontal Glass Washing Machine


The Italian glass machines company, Neptun, manufactures top-of-the-line edgers and horizontal washers for industrial glass processing operations, both large and small. Make your glass fabrication business more efficient using one of the following Neptun horizontal glass washing machines:

Neptun TORNADO EASY Horizontal Glass Washer

The Neptun Tornado Easy Glass Washing Machine was designed for those who need a horizontal machine for efficient washing and drying with low investment and increased reliability. Tornado Easy is the entry-level version of the series Tornado, for production contexts which do not require particularly high performances or boosted automation. Some unit features include:

  • A strong construction with a wide use of stainless steel to ensure long-lasting reliability
  • Fans under the structure that ensure a constant flow of clean air for drying
Tornado Easy Washer

Neptun Tornado HP Glass Washing Machine

The Neptun Tornado HP is the top-performing horizontal glass washing machine on the market. It is available in a range of 1300mm (51”) to 3300mm (129”) maximum glass size. This horizontal glass washer is especially intended for users who need:

  • Impeccable reliability
  • Faultless results at every stage of processing
Tornado HP Washer

Horizontal Washing Machines Vs Vertical Glass Washing Machines

Not sure which type of washing machine is right for your glass fabrication business? Here’s what you need to know about horizontal and vertical glass washers: 

Horizontal Glass Washing Machines – These are the most popular washing machine in the flat glass fabrication industry because they are standalone machines. Typically, horizontal glass washing machines are used for glass which was produced using horizontal processes for edging or glass drilling. This process greatly reduces the risk of scratching or damaging the glass by eliminating the need to manually handle the glass to complete the washing process. 

Vertical Glass Washing Machines – Vertical glass washing machines are configured with separate areas of the machine being dedicated to washing and another for drying. Vertical washers are typically used for insulated glass production processes and vertical drilling or CNC working lines. The machine uses high-quality brushes to wash the glass sheet before it goes through the dryer. Vertical washers are common in glass factories that have a limited amount of space. 

Tips For Finding The Right Industrial Flat Glass Washer For You

Aside from knowing if a vertical or horizontal washer will work best for your fabrication needs, here are some other things you will want to take into consideration before making your purchase:

Size of Glass Washing Machines 

The size of the glass you will be using during the process is one of the first things you should think about when it comes to purchasing a flat glass washing machine. We recommend choosing a machine based on the width of the short side of the glass. You should also be aware of the amount of space you will have in the loading and unloading zones. If you will often have long pieces of glass needing to go through the machine, it is important there will be enough room to safely maneuver the glass before and after washing. 

Glass Fabrication Washers’ Drying Process

The drying process of the machine you choose may be sponges or air knives. Washing machines utilizing the air knives drying technology tend to sell more throughout the industry. The air knives process typically dries glass better and requires less maintenance. Unfortunately, these machines are often very loud. To decrease the noise, some glass fabricators will opt for a machine that uses sponge drying. This involves sponge rollers that absorb the water as the glass is squeezed and passed through the dryer. The glass will also pass through an air dryer that blows the remaining water from the surface of the glass.

Budget Consideration When Buying Glass Washing Machines

Anytime you are considering making a large investment for your glass fabrication company, you should consider your budget. To inquire about the pricing and availability of the Neptun washers we have to offer, please contact us. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff and sales team will happily answer any questions you may have and provide guidance on the glass washing machine that will best meet your needs.

For additional information regarding our vertical and horizontal glass washing machines, you can call our sales team at 336-668-2300 or contact us and get all of your questions answered. Our sales team will do everything to make sure you choose a glass washing machine that will work best for your flat glass production company. For more information and specifications for any of the machines mentioned above, please visit the Neptun website.