Frame Coating

Changing the framework of glass painting.

Goldglass Technologies is proud to introduce its new frame coating feature. Our frame coating is revolutionary, primarily because it is designed as an on-demand feature integrated within our state-of-the-art MRC 2350-CI and MRC 2850-M glass painting machines.

Glass frame coating has never been easier or more efficient:


  • One machine does all: The frame coating feature is integrated within existing Goldglass glass painting machines, thus saving meaningful floor space.
  • Fully automatic functioning: Machine sensors detect glass corner points and facilitate a fully automated spray coating process.
  • Extremely low paint consumption: More frames coated per paint liter.
  • Fast & consistent paint flow for optimal, cost-efficient results.

Advanced Control

The MRC-2350CI’s unique technology is controlled by a 7 inch PLC full graphic soft-touch screen

Clean Environment

The MRC 2350-CI is always clean and operational with the automatic cleaning system, which removes all excess paint within minutes

Enhanced Performance

Advanced spray gun and sensor, for both automatic and manual painting.

Paint Suitability

Dual paint containers, usable with any available organic or ceramic paint, allow efficient change overs between different colors and materials.

For more information visit the GoldGlass website or give Matodi a call: 336-668-2300.