Cutting Edge Solution for Drying Paint



The newest member of the GoldGlass machinery family is the GD-7000 dryer. The GD-7000 features simple touch screen operation, economical energy consumption, and high throughput. Compact overall dimensions and simple operation make the GD-7000 a superior investment.

The GD7000 advantages & features:

  • Quality IR (infrared) elements specifically tailored to fit various types of glass paint.
  • IR layout matches actual glass width, providing for accurate heat application with no energy loss.
  • Separate temperature controls for each heating zone – simple to use and adjust.
  • Built-in gas exhaust system, significantly improving the drying process.
  • Advanced cooling module, facilitating further procedures without delay.
  • GD7000 can be fully interfaced with the M.R.C-2350-CI/M.R.C-2850 to enhance your overall finishing process to perfection.


Heavy duty drive system

Efficient in/outfeed rollers

Touch Screen Operation

For more information visit the GoldGlass website or give Matodi a call: 336-668-2300.