MRC-2350-CI for Glass Painting

The “Original” Glass Spray Painting Machine

Tired of glass painting by hand? With the GoldGlass MRC 2350-CI, you can dramatically increase production, while decreasing your paint consumption by as much as 80%. Using or considering a roller coater? The MRC 2350-CI is a viable alternative – faster changeover between paint colors or types; and is easier to use and maintain.

The MRC 2350-CI provides increased flexibility for medium and short runs. The changeover between different paints/colors is less than 5 minutes!

In addition, the MRC 2350-CI is capable of painting patterned glass, (try that with a roller coater!), and can paint with virtually any kind of paint on the market today. If you can spray it by hand, the MRC-2350-CI can do it better, faster, and cheaper!

To learn more about customer success with the GoldGlass MRC 2350 CI (even when the material isn’t glass!), visit our blog.

Types of paints or materials that can be sprayed include:

  • Ceramic frit
  • Organic paints (water- and solvent-based)
  • Epoxy-based paints
  • Hydrophobics
  • Metallic paints

For larger glass size requirements, check out the MRC 2850-M!

Advanced Control

The MRC-2350CI’s unique technology is controlled by a 7 inch PLC full graphic soft-touch screen

Clean Environment

The MRC 2350-CI is always clean and operational with the automatic cleaning system, which removes all excess paint within minutes

Enhanced Performance

Advanced spray gun and sensor, for both automatic and manual painting.

Paint Suitability

Dual paint containers, usable with any available organic or ceramic paint, allow efficient change overs between different colors and materials.

For more information visit the GoldGlass website or give Matodi a call: 336-668-2300.