Ready to start painting glass more efficiently and effectively? Paintline from GoldGlass will help you successfully transition from painting to installation in under 24 hours. 

As the new year begins, you may find that you require updated equipment in order to expand upon the capabilities of your business — and the demands of your customers. One example of this is the growing popularity of back painted glass. From chic kitchen backsplashes to colorful marker boards, both residential and commercial customers are increasingly requesting back painted glass.

For many glass businesses, back painted glass can be a laborious procedure in both the painting and drying processes. The painting, often done by hand, can result in a great deal of wasted paint, (which means wasted money and resources,) and inefficient drying machines can often result in high-energy consumption.

However, our partners at GoldGlass offer a comprehensive solution for painting and drying glass that can save time and money.

The GoldGlass Paintline is comprised of the MRC 2350 CI or the MRC 2850 M painting machine (depending on size and space requirements) along with the GD-7000 drying machine.

The MRC painting machine can efficiently use nearly any type of paint, utilizing spray guns that can also sense the size and shape of the glass. The sensors halt the spray-painting process immediately when there is no glass in the system, lowering your paint usage and waste by 50% — or more — compared to hand-spraying. Changing paint and colors is simple and easy (accomplished in less than 5 minutes,) saving you time when working on multiple jobs. The MRC is also able to paint patterned glass and can create frames on the glass surface.

After the glass is painted, it continues on to the GD-7000 dryer or can be stored/accumulated by adding the Lift Master to the GoldGlass Paintline.

The GD-7000 is an efficient infrared dryer that can dry various types of paint while matching the size of the glass for heat application, in order to minimize energy loss. The glass moves proficiently through multiple heating zones of the dryer that are regulated by separate temperature controls, making it easy for the operator to adjust. There is also an advanced cooling module, which ensures that the glass will be cool to the touch and ready to be moved once it has made its way through the machine. This means you could successfully go from painting to installation in less than 24 hours!

Ready to start painting glass more efficiently and effectively? Contact our sales team today to learn more about how the GoldGlass Paintline can work for you!