CNC Cutting Tables

Intermac manufactures the highest quality cutting tables in the field today. Established in Pesaro in 1987 by Giancarlo Selci, Intermac rapidly managed to achieve and maintain a leadership position in their relative fields.

Genius cutting tables are a solution designed to impose a new technological standard in the world of stand-alone cutting tables.  Intermac offers a top-level technological solution, at a competitive price, a machine that has the same design and features found previously only in high productivity cutting lines. Intermac’s constant attention paid to customers’ needs throughout the world have resulted in the introduction of some revolutionary innovations:

  • The machines are controlled by standard PC’s using a Windows interface.
  • This guarantees full connectivity and greater simplicity of usage by the operator.

Genius CT-A

Genius CT-A can perform low emissivity (Low-E) removal operations, thanks to a series of optional devices dedicated to the various production requirements.  Click on the link below to download a pdf sheet on Genius CT-A.

Genius CT-A pdf



Genius CT-A


Genius RS-A

Genius RS-A is the entry-level cutting table for float glass that offers the same technological solutions as the high-level systems used in the cutting lines of the biggest industry operators. It optimises the sheet being machined in order to maintain high levels of cutting precision over time, guaranteeing a great return on investment.

Genius RS-A pdf


Genius RS-A

Genius CT- Red

Genius CT-RED is the cutting table range for float glass designed for high performance cutting lines that work two or three shifts. It ensures reliability over time, maximum productivity  thanks to top quality components and technological solutions that guarantee accuracy and results with a continuous, maintenance-free cycle.

Genius CT- Red pdf


Genius CT-Red

Genius LM Series

Genius LM is the range of cutting tables for laminated glass aimed at companies that wish to automate their laminated glass cutting processes, and which require superior ease of use and an intuitive approach to machining for all glass thicknesses. The Genius LM family is designed to facilitate the handling of glass sheets and of the machine crosspiece, significantly improving productivity.

Genius LM Series pdf

Genius LM-A Series

Genius LM-A is the range of laminated glass cutting tables for companies that need high levels of productivity, with requirements of more than 400 square metres per shift and the option of automating the entire cycle, from loading to unloading of the finished volume.

Genius LM-A Series pdf

Genius LM and LM-A Series



20% reduction in the production area required, as well as a 70% increase in productivity compared to a normal combination.

Comby lines are combined lines that were introduced onto the market by Intermac for high productivity cutting operations, and are the result of a clever combination between the Genius CT-A and CT-Red cutting tables (for float glass cutting) and the Genius LM and LM-A tables (for laminated glass cutting): two automatic lines, one for float glass and one for laminate, for perfect integration even in smaller spaces.



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