Waterjet Machines

Primus can be configured with one or several independent cutting heads to satisfy customers’ productivity needs. Each cutting head is equipped with an independent, automatic abrasive management system that ensures optimal dosage for any type of machining operation.

Primus supports a double work station by splitting the work area into two zones. While the machine continues to carry on cutting operations in one zone, the operator can load/unload the pieces in the other in full safety. The barrier that divides the work area into two zones can be easily removed, so that the operator can use the widest possible work area within a single zone.

The Primus thickness tracer system automatically adjusts the optimal distance between the cutting unit and the surface of the machined component, improving cutting quality and guaranteeing safety during machining operations.

Primus also supports the automatic detection of machined component thickness.

Primus is available in two versions: 


Primus 202-322-324-326

Primus WaterJet Series pdf

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