Intermac Master Series

CNC Machines

Intermac is part of the Biesse Group company that specializes in glass, stone and metal processing technologies.

Established in Pesaro in 1987 by Giancarlo Selci, Intermac rapidly managed to achieve and maintain a leadership position in their relative fields.

With several of the largest state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the world, Intermac produces some of the finest machinery in the world!

The following NEW models are available:

  • Master One
  • Master 33.3
  • Master 33.5
  • Master 38.3
  • Master 38.5
  • Master 45.3
  • Master 45.5

Please see the Master Series PDF below for full descriptions.

Master Series pdf


Master One CNC Work Center

Master One, Intermac’s new 3 or 4-axis CNC machining center for processing glass, executes a wide range of machining operations using the best technology, with no compromises on performance.  Featuring a small footprint and ergonomic design, the Master ONE is suitable for both large companies that require high run-time for multiple shifts and smaller companies that require precision and ease of use.

The Master ONE features maximum acceleration and axis speeds, effectively minimizing wait times and promoting quicker processing times.  When it’s enhanced with the optional Pressure Intensifier, faster processing speeds from 40 – 60% can be achieved.

The Master ONE is equipped to operate the revolutionary Diamut HELIX tool that produces holes in glass complete with integrated upper and lower countersinks for glass sheets up to ¾-inch thick. The HELIX tool accomplishes it all using a single tool that requires no tool change.

Like all Master Series machines, Master One is offered with the new SOPHIA IoT platform for monitoring production, identifying malfunctions, and assisting clients with maintenance operations, replacement parts and preventive maintenance.

Master One by Intermac

Master 23

Master 23 is Intermac’s most compact range of processing centres for machining glass. Designed to meet the needs of large companies producing big batches, but also small-scale artisans who decide to invest in the growth of their business and the evolution of the production process, obtaining high-quality results with limited outlay.

Master 23 pdf

Master 30

Master 30 is the machining centre dedicated to glass process­ing, aimed at companies that require high pro­duction rates, as well as small entrepreneurs who wish to automate their production process­es. Thanks to the work table, which spans over three metres, the Master 30 offers the same degree of robustness, precision and speed that characterises the most powerful machines cur­rently on the market.

Master 30 pdf

Master 23 by Intermac

Master 34

Master 34 represents the last evolution of work centers dedicated to engraving of flat glass sheets. The attention that Intermac always paid to the requirements of customers worldwide has brought to some revolutionary innovations.

Master 34 pdf

Master 63-65

Master 63-65 are Intermac working centers for those companies who need to work without dimensional limits. These machines are the solution to work easily and productively with structural glass, jumbo size sheets and big size furniture (tables, doors, etc.) and are particularly ideal for double station working.

Master 63-65 pdf

Master 63-65 by Intermac

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