We have satisfied customers who are laminating PVB with an average cycle time of 2.5 hours.Thanks to the advanced programming in Keraglass’ Combi, once the cycle is started, the system is then fully automatic. If you’re looking for high quality end product with consistent quality, look no further than the Keraglass Combi!
The Leader Lami Combi Laminating System allows for:
  • Lamination of flat and bent glass of various sizes, shapes and thicknesses.
  • Lamination of glass/marble and glass/ceramic combination
  • Perfect drying of laminating materials
In the “COMBI” version, the kiln is divided into independent chambers: The low profile chambers are used for classic lamination of glass sheets, while one taller chamber is provided for laminating special products, bent glass, and for drying marble sheets for subsequent lamination.Combi is available in several different configurations, according to YOUR needs.We will have the Combi on display at GlassBuild this year. Contact us today to learn more about our pre-GlassBuild special pricing!