EVA Line

Complete Glass Laminating Line

EVA Line is equipped with washing machine, automatic assembly and “LeaderLami oven bidirectional.” The line is available in different sizes, to process large size glass sheets.

For laminating with EVA interlayer, Keraglass supplies a wide range of kilns, whose most significant and performing models are:

LEADER LAMI “MULTI” with a number of cells laid one on top of the other (2 – 3 – 4), served by a mobile lifting platform. The maximum productivity is obtained by the BIDIRECTIONAL version, allowing loading/unloading operation on both sides.

LEADER LAMI “COMBI”, with separate stacked chambers, for laminating glasses of different sizes, shapes and thickness, flat and curved, as well as combinations like glass/marble and glass/ceramics, with possibility of perfect drying of the involved materials. In “COMBI” version the kiln is divided in independent chambers: chambers with smaller height clearance, for laminating normal glass sheets; chamber with bigger height clearance, for laminating special pieces, curved glasses, and for drying marble plates as preparation for following lamination.

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