The innovative Lift Master Vertical Glass Accumulator is one of the most recent additions to the Goldglass family.

Lift Master works with all Goldglass machines, as well as any traditional horizontal conveyor machinery, thanks to its built-in I/O-ready sockets. This modular addition can be placed before the painting machine, between it and the drier, or in any other configuration. Lift Master’s intelligent software prioritizes glass accumulation and feeding, creating a flawless and uninterrupted process. Its compact design allows Lift Master to be easily moved and connected to different machines. Use it as a feeder, storage station or accumulator. Simply plug and go;  Lift Master is fully automatic, reducing human intervention and creating a steadier workflow.

Lift Master is exceptionally sturdy and can accumulate up to 16 sheets of glass at a total weight of up to 2 tons. It is designed to improve industrial lines and standalone machines by controlling item movement, thereby avoiding bottlenecks and increasing production.

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