Your Solution for Sandblasting on Glass – Perfect Results


The GlasMaster is specifically designed for processing flat glass, the MHG GlasMaster series meet the highest standards in quality, ergonomics, and operational safety.

MHG’s high performance wide blast nozzles, coupled with the MHG oscillating system guarantee absolutely homogeneous blasting results, even on large surfaces.

GlasMaster is available in three size machines:

  • GlasMaster 1500 (59” Open Top)
  • GlasMaster 2000 (78” Open Top)
  • GlasMaster 2500 (98” Open Top)

All GlasMaster machines are open top, making it possible to process glass with a width of twice the operating range of the machine; for example on the GlasMaster 1500 it is possible to produce glass up to 118” total (59” + 59”).

Blast Shot Recovery System

Blast shot Recovery

MHG’s Blasting Shot recovery system allows for the continual collection of pulverized blasting shot and dirt particles.

The Model 255 Cyclone can be installed separately or behind the machine.

Only clean blasting shot enters the blasting shot reservoir.

The functioning of the recovery system is optimized for all types of blasting shot.

Super Efficient; lowers operating costs!

DUST-EX 1703 Filter System

MHG Filter System

MHG’s De-Dusting device DUST-EX 1703 Super Efficient in removing dust for a safe working environment. Suitable for indoor usage!

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