Movetro A

Fully-Automatic Side-shift Drawer System

Movetro A is a fully automatic side-shift drawer system, which offer the highest automation level. Movetro A is managed and controlled from a touch screen panel. The racks are moved by a motor driven trolley, with two pneumatic cylinders which blocks the racks to create an opening.

Control cabinet is equipped with a modern touch screen pad in order to allow the simple control of the machine. Clear and self-explaining messages are available in several languages. The stock situation can be shared with the office in real time. Thanks to the high technology of components, Movetro A is ready to be connected with any automatic loading system.

Movetro SA

Semi-Automatic Side-shift Drawer System

Movetro SA semiautomatic side-shift drawers are ideal to save storage space inside glass processing companies. These drawers move electrically in order to allow easy and safe loading/unloading of glass sheets. The operator uses a remote control to move all drawers as needed.

Movetro SA semiautomatic side-shift drawer systems can save up to 50% warehouse space, as compared to using “A” frames!

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