CAM Gantry Loaders

Complete Range of Products for Handling and Loading Flat Glass

Movetro CAM represents not only one single product but a complete range for flexible sheet handling and loading operations. Movetro CAM is designed for customers who are looking for space saving and flexible machinery for feeding several lines at the same time.

Here are some advantages of the MOVETRO CAM Gantry Loader:

  • Space – The density of stored glass is much higher than conventional racks
  • Productivity – With a fast cycle time and the possibility to take 2 sheets at the same time; high productivity can be easily reached
  • Non Stop Production – The Gantry Loader is designed to offload the truck in full automatic load, even at night.
  • Flexibility – Every cycle the gantry crane picks up a different sheet, which is the ideal solution for customers with many different types of glass that needed to be processed during the same shift.
  • Safety – The operator only works in the restricted area of the loading station; there is no need to go inside the restricted area where glass is stored

The vacuum system has 10 different circuits to grant the maximum flexibility allowing the machine to automatically pick up different sheet sizes in a fully automatic mode.

Movetro CAM can also automatically restore back the remnant sheets back to an automatic drawer, an ARPA stacker, or onto fixed racks.

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