Rock 10-45 Straight Line Edger/Mitering Machine

Isn’t it time you traded up to a ROCK?

One of the most famous innovations from the Bavelloni family is the straight line edger with no bearings in the track – True ROCK Solid Muscle Machines! Built to withstand years of supporting the heaviest glass, ROCK incorporates one of the strongest tracks in the world. The Rock 10-45 is a glass mitering machine that can create the polished edges you need.

Rock 10-45 Glass Mitering Machine
The Rock 10-45 is Neptun’s 10 spindle Variable Angle Glass Mitering Machine.

The ROCK 10-45 is able to produce either a Flat with Arris edge, or a Mitered edge from 0° to 45°. The Rock 10-45 only produces one edge at a time; if it is necessary to produce the flat edge and miter at the same time, we also offer the ROCK 14-45.

The polished edge quality is the high standard that Neptun is renowned for: Clear, consistent edges!

The ROCK 10-45 features heavy duty construction with quality components and the design is such that the ROCK 10-45 will provide many years of reliability with minimal maintenance costs.

Available Options for the Rock 10-45 Mitering Machine:

  • NEW! Automatic Wheel Adjustment (AWA)
  • Extended height racks
  • Extended length inlet/outlet conveyers
  • Jumbo sheets extension
  • Independent motorization of the inlet conveyor for ease of loading heavy or large glass sheets
  • Bar code system

High Precision

Long Lifetime

High Speed

Easy and Complete Control

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