Tornado HP Horizontal Washer

The “Best of the Best” in Horizontal Washers

Tornado HP is the top performing horizontal washing machine on the market. Especially intended for users who need impeccable reliability and faultless results at every stage of processing. Tornado HP is available in a range of 1300mm (51”) to 3300mm (129”) maximum glass size.

Tornado HP meets all the requirements of ordinary industrial cleaning and can be set up in multiple configurations that successfully adapt to several specific production requirements:

  • glass edging plants
  • screen printing lines
  • lamination lines
  •  production of solar panels

Tornado HP also offers a wide range of accessories and optional equipment making it a high-end horizontal washer capable of satisfying even the most sophisticated requirements:


  • Mechanical systems designed for a long-lasting lifetime,  and is capable of  continuous production on 3 shifts 24/7
  • Perfect washing and drying, even at the maximum speed (up to 12 m/min)
  • Control and management of the water quality
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Ready for processing of delicate and Low-E glass
  • High level of acoustic insulation for a maximal reduction of the noise annoyance during the working cycle
  • Up to 60% reduction of water and energy consumptions thanks to the Neptun’s Ecosave system
  • Also available is Neptun’s Iperclean for extremely clean air and water
  • NEW! Automatic Water Exchange System

  • NEW! Connectivity for Industry 4.0

Long Lifetime

Ease of Use

Touchscreen Control

Stainless Steel Components

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