Parallelogram Device


A Neptun exclusive!

The parallelogram device allows the processing of non-rectangular sheets whose center of gravity is beyond the glass support surface, keeping the glass in the working position from the loading phase to the unloading phase.

Thanks to this practical device, the operator, during the loading phase, attaches the support trolley to the glass which will support the glass via a guide during the entire processing phase on the ROCK. Attachment of the trolley to the glass on the inlet conveyor and guide is simple and quick.

At the end of the processing, when the glass is on the exit conveyor, the operator can then release and remove the trolley.

This device includes four trolleys to be able to process up to four pieces of glass at the same time.

Additional support trolleys can be purchased individually.

The dimensional limits that can be managed with the parallelogram device are the following:

  • Maximum manageable angle: 40°
  • Minimum slab height (guide height from the work surface): 1200mm
  • Maximum glass length: 2600mm
  • Maximum glass thickness: 21mm

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