GoldGlass Paintline and Matodi

Fall Machinery Specials!

Welcome to Matodi’s show special page! We are celebrating the industry’s most important month with exclusive pricing on our newest and most popular machines. Please send us an email or give us a call (336.668.2300) if you’d like more information or need a quote!

Barbaric B4 Lifter

Barbaric UGL 4

The Barbaric UGL 4 is a specialized handling system that allows you to lift the glass up to 550 pounds (a model that lifts up to 1100 pounds is also available). It is used for vertical and horizontal transport of glass. Learn more

Battellino FP6

Battellino FP6

The Battellino FP-6 is a simple, reliable, and easy to use 6 cup wheel edger (also available in 4, 5, and 7 cup). This edger is a great choice for those who need a high-quality polish but do not have the space or budget for a larger machine. Learn more

Deltamax GlassInspector - NEW!

GlassInspector from Deltamax is a new solution for defect detection in double glazing lines available through Matodi. It can precisely detect bubbles, fingerprints, scratches, coating defects, and more.       Learn more

GoldGlass Paintline and Matodi

GoldGlass Paintline

The GoldGlass Paintline is comprised of the MRC 2350 CI or the MRC 2850 M painting machine (depending on size requirements) along with the GD-7000 drying machine. The MRC painting machine can efficiently paint using nearly any type of paint. Learn more

IMMMES - Matodi


Imagine a water treatment system designed for the glass industry that is a fully automatic, 100% closed-loop system with water clean enough to run through any machine, including your CNC and washing machines.                                 Learn more

COSMOS Polish and Cerium Wheels

Matodi is proud to offer our customers the newest innovation in polish wheel technology: COSMOS by Marrose! The COSMOS wheel is a specially formulated genuine rubber-based abrasive wheel that is easy to set up and use.                       Learn more

MHG Glassmaster

MHG GlasMaster 2000

The Glasmaster is specifically designed for processing flat glass and meets the highest standards in quality, ergonomics, and operational safety. MHG’s high-performance, wide-blast nozzles guarantee homogeneous blasting results, even on large surfaces. Learn more

Quick 2 T8 Neptun - Matodi

Neptun Quick Duo T8 - NEW!

Quick Duo T8 is an all-in-one automatic vertical CNC milling and drilling workstation designed to save space while delivering high-speed accuracy, ease of use, and low maintenance costs. It can drill, countersink, and mill quickly with high precision. Learn more

Rock 11 Straight Line Edger

Neptun Rock 11 with AWA

Rock with AWA is a reliable straight-line edger with a new, innovative option that automates the management of wheels on the edger, including the diamond wheels, polish wheels, and arris wheels. The key advantage of AWA is that no operator adjustment is required. Learn more

Sulak VTS 04 Boxer L

This drilling machine is designed for the drilling of holes in the sheet glass. The machine allows drilling of holes from 1/8″ to 4″ (5mm to 100mm). The engines are regulated by an electronic indenter within the extent given by the table. Learn more

EMH Crane Systems

Matodi is able to serve multiple lifting needs by teaming up with EMH. Their material handling solutions include bridge cranes, gantry cranes, workstation cranes, and more! Many customers choose to pair their new Barbaric lifters with an EMH crane system, and we are happy to help you determine the best solution for your business. Learn more

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