Automatic Wheel Adjustment  (AWA)

A Neptun exclusive!

Automatic Wheel Adjustment is the new PATENTED solution from Neptun to fully automate the management of all the wheels on the ROCK edger; including the diamond wheels, polish wheels, and the arris wheels.

Designed to work in a glass shop environment, all the components are IP67 class, and are resistant to water and humidity. AWA combines simplicity, precision and reliability for years of trouble-free operation.

The key advantage of AWA is the fact that no operator wheel adjustment is required.

This assures consistent production and quality regardless of the operator’s level of experience.

Another advantage is extended diamond and polish wheel life, thanks to the automatic management of the wheels by the AWA system.

The polishing wheels have an automatic compensation system that allows the usage of the entire wheel without requiring any adjustment. When the wheel is close to the end of its life, an indication will appear on the control panel. This will alert the operator that the wheel should be changed at the end of the working shift. No more stopping in the middle of a production shift to change wheels!

The wheel presetting procedure can be activated by the operator (through a button on the control panel) or automatically at preset intervals.

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