Meet our Management Team

Our Matodi management team believes that to remain competitive in the glass processing machinery industry; it’s critical that our core values drive how we operate our business, including how we treat our employees, customers, and manufacturing partners.

Since our inception, our leadership has operated with a lean model focused on increasing organizational efficiency, reducing waste, and a focus on continuously improving. Additionally, our glass machinery distribution and tooling company operates on a largely flat organizational structure, meaning we have limited most hierarchical levels among our staff, which has been particularly effective at improving employee communication, collaboration, and performance.

Our Matodi management team has always emphasized the following core values as key to our company’s growth:  


We ask for input and feedback from team members, customers, and manufacturing partners, recognizing the value of their expertise.


We are open and candid in our interactions with team members, customers, and manufacturing partners. We operate with integrity, not only within our organization but also in our relationships with our customers and manufacturing partners.


  • We deliver excellence in all professional endeavors, collaborating closely with our customers and manufacturing partners to ensure the highest quality products.
  • We can be counted on to deliver even in difficult circumstances, working collectively to overcome challenges alongside our manufacturing partners.


We are proactive in taking initiative to share information with each other and our manufacturing partners, promoting transparency and effective collaboration.

Customer cooperation

We offer that little extra that the customers want but don’t realize they need by continuously collaborating with our manufacturing partners to find creative solutions to customer needs and exceed their expectations.

Employee recognition

We always strive to provide regular and positive feedback, acknowledging the contributions and efforts of both our internal and external team.

Meet our Matodi executive team below:

Elliott Jones

Elliott Jones

Managing Director & Owner

Elliott received his B.S in Management from Purdue University and an MBA from The University of Illinois.  full bio →

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Dave Vernon

Dave Vernon

Finance Manager

Dave’s education includes a degree in Business Management from North Carolina State University. Dave’s organizational skills keep Matodi’s day-to-day operations flowing smoothly!

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Mark Truhe

Mark Truhe

Director – Tooling and Parts

Over the past several years at Matodi, I have become a specialist at finding tooling solutions for our client’s machinery. I’m always ready to help you solve the toughest machinery challenges and find the best possible products solutions and hacks to help your shop thrive! Outside of work you can find me coaching basketball, and working with the youth at church.

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Steve White

Steve White

Vice-President of Sales

Leveraging my ten-year history of delivering success at Matodi, I am instrumental in ensuring Matodi helps boost its customers’ and sales team capabilities. I get a real kick out of watching a team member or shop owner become truly great at what they do and knowing I helped get them there… there is nothing better than it! Outside of work, I love spending time with my family, traveling, and NASCAR.

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