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Discover the power of Matodi, your premier source for flat glass machinery and tooling. With our extensive catalog of European machinery and tooling solutions, we are dedicated to helping glass shops of all sizes achieve their fabrication goals. Whether you need top-quality machines like edgers, advanced tempering ovens, or the safest glass lifters on the market, or if you are looking for top-notch tooling such as glass core drills or polishing wheels, our dedicated team is committed to providing personalized attention, technical assistance, and post-sales service to ensure your satisfaction. Explore our website to unlock the full potential of your glass fabrication shop with Matodi by your side.

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Vertical Glass Edgers

Glass vertical edgers are utilized to ensure the precise shape of edges in glass sheets. This refinement process results in exact edges and dimensions along with a smooth finish once completed.

Water Treatment

Water cleaning systems are indispensable in the flat glass production cycle as they ensure effective support of environmental objectives through resource conservation and high-grade cleaning required for glass fabrication.

Barbaric B2

Glass Lifters

Glass lifters are specialized equipment that help lift heavy glass sheets and avoid breakages thereby enhancing production in the glass fabrication industries while minimizing the cost of wasted material in fabrication facilities.

Glass Washing Machines

Glass washing machines are highly specialized systems that wash and clean different types of glass surfaces in order to guarantee the best transparency with minimum dustiness as well as maximum precision and purity.

Vertical CNC

The vertical CNC machine serves a versatile range of purposes in the machine glass industry. These machines can manage precision cutting, engraving, shaping and more; all with an intricate attention to detail and customized options available.

Tempering Ovens

Tempering ovens strengthen glass through regulated heating and cooling temperatures to improve and ensure durability, safety and performance. These ovens are the go-to choice for any toughened glass need.

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