Premier Glass Edging Machines

If you have any experience in the glass fabrication industry, you know that your glass edging machines need to operate at peak performance every day. Whether you are a business owner, manager, or glass fabrication technician, Matodi has an extensive range of flat glass machinery and tooling solutions to meet your glass production goals. 

Located in Greensboro, NC, we’ve been serving our local community and the rest of the country as well as parts of Canada for more than a decade. Part of our success is rooted in our commitment to quality, reliability, and personalized services. We are proud to offer state-of-the-art flat glass equipment and also the expertise and support needed to keep your operations running smoothly. Our glass edging machines feature advanced machining, precision grinding, and polishing capabilities by using abrasive wheels and diamond tools to achieve superior surface finish. With a focus on high-speed grinding, variable speed options, and high efficiency, hourglass edging machines meet the highest standards of flatness and tolerance required within the industry. 

The Types Of Glass Edging Machines We Offer 

Our glass edging machines are equipped with abrasive wheels and diamond grinding wheels to ensure precise surface finishing, sharpening, and beveling for all your glass fabrication needs. You can learn more about the types of edging machines we offer here:

Straight Line Edgers 

Straight line edgers may be one of the most popular among high-volume production businesses, thanks in part to their ability to create clean and straight edges with a single pass. These flat glass edging machines combine grinding and polishing systems to achieve a smooth and finished edge. This method not only enhances safety but also improves the aesthetic appeal of your glass products, which are ideal for architectural and decorative applications.

Straight Line Edgers

Spindle Edgers 

The versatility of spindle edgers allows for surface grinding, seaming, and edge polishing. These glass edging machines are equipped with rotating spindles and grinding wheels to execute precise milling and grinding functions. We offer various configurations to accommodate different glass sizes and post-production uses to ensure you achieve the right fit for your unique needs.

spindle edgers

Vertical Edgers 

If your business has limited space, vertical edgers can act as the perfect solution. These compact flat glass edging machines perform arris grinding, sanding, and polishing at a 90° angle. Despite the smaller footprint, they still offer the same functionality as larger models, which is ideal for achieving precise edge finishes in tight spaces.

Vertical Edgers

Common Uses For Glass Edging Machines 

It is important to understand what glass edging machines can offer. A few of their primary functions include: 

Grinding and Polishing 

By grinding the edges to remove sharpness and achieve the desired shape, our machines use abrasive wheels and diamond tools for efficient material removal and polishing. By incorporating a coolant, you can also reduce heat and prevent damage to the glass for a perfect finish. 


Beveling produces a slanted edge on glass, to enhance decorative appeal. Our beveling machines use rotary tools and grinding discs to create precise beveled edges for functional and decorative purposes. 

Safety and Quality 

Above all else, our glass machines prioritize safety and quality. Through their deburring and smoothing functions, you can eliminate jagged edges that could be harmful to your staff. These functions produce high-quality glass products to meet safety standards and customer expectations. 

Choose North America’s Premier Glass Machinery and Tooling Distributor 

Our all-in-one edging and polishing machines are designed for efficiency and precision, incorporating high-speed grinding and variable features to produce fast and accurate results. Whether you need compact designs for space efficiency or more advanced technology for customizable features, we can help you keep current with the latest advancements in glass edging technology. 

We are proud to offer a relationship-focused approach in our work that allows us to remain with you every step of the way from initial consultation to post-sales support. We are dedicated to helping you achieve outstanding performance and profitable business, and we are here to provide maintenance tips and ongoing technical assistance to ensure your machinery remains in optimal condition. 

Let Matodi be your trusted partner for glass edging machines in Greensboro, North Carolina, and the rest of the country. Our comprehensive range of glass machinery and tooling solutions, paired with our commitment to service and satisfaction, allows you the best possible results in your glass fabrication processes. Contact us online or by calling us to experience our expert guidance and keep your operations running smoothly.

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