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Matodi Consumables – the essential addition to every flat glass professional’s toolkit. Our top-of-the-line products are designed to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency at every stage of the glass processing cycle.


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Trusted Protection, Premium Performance

Introducing Pro-Cool – The Ultimate Coolant Solution to Keep Your Machinery Running Smooth

Are you tired of dealing with glass stains, rusty equipment, and hardened swarf? Look no further than Matodi’s Coolant, Pro-Cool

Our specially formulated solution not only prevents glass staining but also acts as a rust inhibitor to keep your machinery running smoothly. It improves running speed by up to 20% and extends diamond wheel life, saving you time and money!

Our coolant also helps to settle swarf and keeps it from hardening in the tank, making it a breeze to dispose of. Plus, it’s easy to transport and comes in a convenient size, so you won’t have to deal with any bulky drums.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of Matodi’s Pro-Cool! Upgrade and experience the difference for yourself. To learn more about the benefits download our fact sheet.





Pro-Cool Fact Sheet

Learn more about the benefits of our Pro-Cool Powder Coolant compared to liquid coolant by downloading our fact sheet below!

Cerium Oxide

Unparalleled Polishing Power

Looking to achieve a flawless finish on your glass? Look no further than POWER-POL Cerium Oxide from Matodi. Designed with the highest standards, our cerium is calcined for long-lasting durability and rigorously quality controlled in the USA. Its unique suspension formula ensures easy suspension, soft settling, and easy rinse-ability, while its high-performance capabilities make it perfect for all your beveling, edge polishing, scratch removal, and shape beveling needs. Save on shipping with our 44lb boxes featuring plastic liners that keep the product safe during transit. Choose POWER-POL for unparalleled polishing power that delivers results every time.

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