Glass Polishing Machines Supplier in Greensboro, NC

Here at Matodi, we offer a wide range of quality flat glass edging machines to fit the needs of any size business in or around Greensboro, NC in the flat glass industry. We can also help you customize each glass edger machine based on your production requirements. Flat glass edging machinery is designed for precision grinding and surface polishing the edges of your flat glass pieces. 

When you buy a glass polishing machine from Matodi, you receive world-class service before, during, and after the installation of your glass polishers. We offer the vital tooling and spare parts you will need to keep your flat-edge glass polisher running smoothly for many years to come. Our high-speed products can create a glass polish that is free of any scuff or defect that you would expect from a grinding machine.

Brands of Glass Polishing Machines We Carry at Matodi

We carry various brands of glass polishers at Matodi, including:

Neptun Glass Polishing Machine

These heavy-duty Italian flat glass edgers are ideal for medium to large-sized glass operations. Popular models of Neptun’s glass polishing machines include the following:

  • Rock 8
  • Rock 11
  • Rock 10-45
  • Rock 14-45

We encourage you to visit Neptun’s website to learn more about this edger’s manufacturer, the Bavelloni family.

Rock 10-45 Flat Glass Edger

Battellino Polisher

These quality-made Italian flat glass edgers are ideal for small to medium-sized glass businesses. Models of these glass polishing machines that are available for purchase include the following spindle edgers:

  • FP4 – 4 spindle edger
  • FP5 – 5 spindle edger
  • FP6 – 6 spindle edger
  • FP7 – 7 spindle edger 

Navigate to the Battellino website to learn about this family-run glass polishing equipment company.

FP 6 Flat Glass Edger

Sulak Glass Edger

This is one of the leading manufacturers of vertical flat glass edgers. Some of their most popular glass polisher models include:

  • BTS Beta Maxi
  • BTS 02

Visit the Sulak website to learn more about the machine polishing units they produce.

BTS 02 Maxi

How To Choose The Glass Polishing Machine That Best Meets Your Needs

Selecting the right glass polishing machine for your specific needs involves understanding the various options available and how they align with your project requirements. At Matodi, we offer a selection of flat glass polishing machines tailored for different purposes, from straight line edgers designed for efficiency with a single pass solution, to spindle and vertical edgers, which cater to more specialized needs. 

When deciding on the best glass polishing machine, consider the size of glass you commonly work with and its intended application post-production. For larger projects or those requiring precise edge finishes, a spindle edger may be the optimal choice, allowing for detailed surface grinding, seaming, and polishing. Alternatively, if space constraints are a concern in your workspace, a vertical edger provides the same quality finish without the extensive footprint of larger machines, offering solutions for arris, grinding, and polishing with efficiency in a compact design.

The varieties of glass polishing machines we offer include:

Straight Line Edgers

These glass polishing machines and polishing tools are popular because they can create edges with only one pass of the track. The all-in-one aspect of our straight-line edging machines is sure to save you time during the production process, thus saving you money as well.

Spindle Edgers

These glass polishing machines allow for surface grinding, seaming, and edge polishing as the glass makes its way through the unit. A spindle edger one may need often varies depending on factors such as: 

  • The size of glass pieces you typically work with
  • The glass’ post-production use

We carry different spindle glass polishers at Matodi, and our sales team can competently help you decide which edger is best for your specific needs. 

Vertical Edgers

Glass fabricators who use these polishing machines typically do so because they have limited space in their warehouse to house larger horizontal glass polishing machines. A vertical glass polishing machine has a smaller footprint than other types of glass polishers and can still perform the following functions just like bulkier units:

  • Arris: This is intended to reduce the sharpening of the glass’ edges. Cutting and polishing the flat surface of the glass occurs at a 90-degree straight angle, and leaves behind clean, contemporary edges.
  • Grind: Serves as a type of wet sander. Diamond polishing pads serve as sandpaper and do away with excess glass at the edges, known as underbreaks and overbreaks, revealing perfectly sized glass sheets that easily connect with one another like a puzzle.
  • Polish: This process is similar to a buff but differs in that it eliminates more superficial material, including scratches and water spots. Polishing pads are more abrasive than buffing pads. A buffing machine is used only to smooth out lines or blemishes left behind by a polisher.

How Does Flat Glass Edging Work?

Flat glass edging is a critical process in glass fabrication, focusing on refining the edges of cut glass to achieve a specific finish. The process begins with the glass being securely placed onto the machine. Depending on the desired outcome, the glass polishing machine employs different grinding and polishing wheels to treat the edges. These wheels vary in grit and material, allowing for a range of finishes from a basic seamed edge, which removes sharpness for safe handling, to a more sophisticated polished edge that adds a high-gloss finish suitable for visible surfaces.

The polishing machine’s capability to apply different pressure levels and speeds during the edging process ensures each glass piece is treated with precision, catering to the specific type of edge required. For those looking for an all-in-one solution, certain machines at Matodi not only cut the glass but also polish the edges according to specifications, streamlining the fabrication process.

Glass edging machines are made specifically to create the straight edge of flat glass. Glass edgework is the process of sanding glass edges after they have been cut to give them one of the following edges: 

  • Seamed edge
  • Beveled edge
  • Polished edge

Some of the glass polishing machines we offer here at Matodi headquarters in Greensboro, NC have all-in-one functionality that can cut and polish the edges to your specifications. The glass polishing machines we distribute allow for the following edge finishes, depending on your objective:

  • Coarse
  • Rough
  • Fine grinding

Check out our double-edging machines if you want to take your glass edges to the next level. Double-edging machines are high-precision edgers that allow glass fabricators to grind four edges simultaneously. These double-edge glass polishing machines are commonly used in mass-production operations. 

Our Glass Polishing Machine Offerings

The glass polishing machine options we offer are varied enough that they’re sure to meet any glass fabricator’s specifications. Some of the choices you have to select from:

  • Span various configurations, such as traditional horizontal configuration and a space-saving, compact vertical design
  • Have components like a saw blade, belt grinder, or buffing and polishing wheel that can perform tasks independently of one another on multiple passes or all at once

We work closely with our suppliers as an intermediary for you to ensure the glass edging machines we source for you are exactly what you require. 

Matodi: Your Supplier of High-Quality Edging Machines and Post-Purchase Support

At Matodi, we pride ourselves on being more than just a supplier; we’re your partner in achieving the highest standards in glass surface finishing. Our extensive range of edging machines includes advanced technology for polishing, grinding, and buffing, ensuring you receive only high-quality equipment for your glass fabricating needs. Each machine is equipped with robust polishing wheels and grinders, designed for the ultimate in precision and efficiency. 

But our commitment to you doesn’t stop at the sale. We offer unparalleled post-purchase support, providing guidance on optimizing your polishing machine’s performance for polishing, restoring, and maintaining a flawless finish on every project. Whether you need advice on selecting the right buffing wheel or assistance with your grinding machines, Matodi is here to ensure your success in every glass edging venture.

Questions About Glass Polishing Machines? Contact Matodi

If you have questions about finding the optimum glass polishing machine for your projects, need guidance on selecting the right diamond tools, or wish to learn more about achieving a flawless finish with our glass cleaning machines, the Matodi team is here to help. Our glass fabricating machine experts are passionate about assisting you in choosing equipment that meets your specific needs for polishing and cleaning glass surfaces efficiently. 

For detailed information and personalized assistance, please reach out to us at 336-668-2300 or visit our Sales Team Page to find your regional polishing system sales representative. Let us help you enhance your glass fabrication process with our high-quality solutions.