Flat Glass Fabrication Machinery Tools

When it comes to flat glass production, there is a wide variety of machines, tools, and supplies you will need to produce high-quality glass products. Below you will find a comprehensive list of the glass fabrication machinery and tools we have to offer here at Matodi, located in Greensboro, NC. Whether you are looking for cutting tables, glass lifters, edging and polishing machines, CNC machines, glass storage, or drills, our team can help you find top-of-the-line glass industry equipment to perfectly match your needs. We offer flat glass machinery from the following industry leaders:

  • Neptun
  • Busetti
  • Sulak
  • Barbaric
  • Genius
  • Battellino
  • Deltamax
  • And more!
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Glass Fabrication Tools and Supplies

At Matodi, we understand that the process of glassmaking can lead to a lot of wear and tear on your glass fabricating equipment which is why we only partner with the highest quality manufacturers in the industry. Whether you are looking to increase the speed of your production, replace old equipment, or start fresh, we have the tools and supplies you need for every aspect of your production process. 

Increase Productivity

The sales team at Matodi has over 50 years of experience combined giving them the knowledge and expertise to ensure you choose the right flat glass machinery to improve the day-to-day workflow thus greatly improving your productivity. You tell us what aspects of your glass fabrication process you want to improve and our team will identify the glass fabrication equipment that best meets your needs. Some clients need to improve automation while others are looking to improve efficiency or safe storage for glass before it leaves the warehouse. Regardless of what you need to increase productivity and stand out among the competition, Matodi has exactly what you need.

If you have questions about the type of glass fabrication machinery, tools, and supplies you need that will meet all of your needs, or you cannot find what you are looking for, use the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the answers to your questions.