Reliable Glass Fabrication Tools in Greensboro, NC

In the flat glass industry, where precision and quality matter, it is essential to have the right glass fabrication tools. The Matodi staff recognizes the importance of having flat glass fabrication tools you can depend on, which is why we are your go-to source for an extensive range of high-quality glass fabrication tools. We have more than 50 years of combined experience providing the Greensboro, North Carolina community with the glass tools and glass fabrication machinery they need. Our unparalleled knowledge can assist you in selecting the perfect flat glass tools for your unique needs.

Our extensive range of glass fabrication tools caters to many diverse needs, covering everything from cutting and drilling to grinding and glazing. Whether you work with float glass, plate glass, or laminated glass, our specialized flat glass fabrication equipment, including glass cutters, grinders, and cutting machines, ensures that your projects meet the highest standards of thickness and quality. We are committed to helping you have the best flat glass fabrication tools available for all of your flat glass industry needs.

Our Range of Glass Fabrication Tools

The goal in our work is to elevate precision with our diverse glass fabrication tools. From cutting and grinding to polishing, etching, and beyond we have tools to help you with all types of glass, including flat glass, art glass, mirrors, and more. Whether you need carbide-tipped tools, grinders, saws, or specialized equipment for fused plates or architectural glass, we have you covered.

We welcome you to learn more about our glass cutting and glass tempering tools, and how we ensure precision and durability in every aspect of your glass fabrication process. We only provide the best when it comes to cutting machines, tempered glass tools, and innovative solutions for laminated glass and insulating glass,  and we maintain that priority with our glass fabrication tools as well.

Glass Fabrication Tools

Come To Us For Your Glass Fabrication Tool Needs

As a leading name in glass manufacturing, we understand the importance of meeting tolerances, utilizing borosilicate and tungsten carbide, and incorporating the latest technology in glass tempering and cutting. trust us for all of your glass needs, from cutting edge tools to raw materials, ensuring that your glass projects achieve the perfect score, quality, safety, and innovation.

We are not just suppliers of glass fabrication tools, we are your dedicated partners and achieve excellence in every aspect of your glass production process. Our extensive range of tools, including abrasive materials and glass mirrors to specialized pliers, kilns, and cutting machines, caters to the diverse needs of the glass industry. Whether you are engaged in fusing, sanding, or working with curved and textured glass, our precision tools, such as glass cutters and CNC machines, ensure top-notch quality. 

If you are ready to enhance your glass fabrication process, contact us today for a comprehensive solution for your unique needs. Whether you need glass machinery, glass fabrication tools, cutting tools, or specialized equipment for insulated glass, glass manufacturing, or anything else, we are here to provide personalized attention, technical assistance, and post-sales service to ensure your complete satisfaction.


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