Powercore & Counter Sink

Powerful Precision

POWERCORE by Matodi – the ultimate solution for high-performance and long-lasting core drilling bits. Our custom-made drill bits are specifically engineered to drill through glass with ease, making it feel like a hot knife through butter!

Powered by a unique, custom blended sintered bond, our drill bits offer unmatched durability and clean holes without any damage to your glass.

Our POWERCORE line of core drill bits has been the industry standard, thanks to its exceptional quality and reliable performance. With a range of size options from 1/8” through 8”, and with the standard 1/2” GAS mount, POWERCORE is a cut above the rest.

POWERCORE is the only choice for high-quality, reliable core drill bits that yield results. Don’t settle for sub-par performance – upgrade to Matodi’s POWERCORE.

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