The Furnace Tailored to Your Glass Fabrication Company

Imagine an industrial glass tempering machine that can handle the entire tempering process without the need for outsourcing. The machine is energy-efficient and guarantees the highest quality on the market. You can use it without special training since the interface resembles that of a smartphone. Meet the TP Compact by Mazzaroppi, a revolutionary glass tempering machine that fulfills all your needs and more. These glass tempering systems are designed to provide a solution for small and medium glass fabrication shops but can handle the demands of large shops as well.


The TP Compact changes all expectations of glass tempering energy consumption. This machine allows operators in small and medium glassworks to experience production efficiency while making considerable strides in cost-saving measures. The TP Compact can streamline the glass tempering process and align with modern sustainability goals.


Mazzorappi’s commitment to excellence in its products is reflected in the TP Compact. Through rigorous testing, they were able to reduce anisotropy by 97%. This considerable increase in efficiency allows operators to take advantage of this cutting-edge technology and ensure precise heat distribution throughout the entire glass sheet. This process minimizes challenges like roller waves and edge lifting to promote superior quality in the final products.


When you think of high-performing glass fabrication machinery, you are likely imagining a delicate machine that requires significant upkeep. The TP Compact boasts minimal maintenance needs, testifying to the outstanding durability of a Mazzaroppi product. These flat glass fabricating machines, thanks to Mazzaroppi’s engineering and dedication to quality, are supported by a team of engineers who can provide online remote assistance for any issue. This kind of proactive approach allows operators to pursue a swift resolution while reducing the chances of potential issues and minimizing the downtime of the machine to maximize productivity,


Any glass machinery is only useful if you can use it, and Mazzaroppi knows it, which is why they developed the TP Compact with ease of use in mind. This intuitive software and adaptive furnace system ensures seamless production for operators. The system design allows operators to use the machine as easily as they would a cell phone, which promotes production and reduces the time it takes for operators to get up to speed. The system’s intelligent 4.0 software also allows operators to make specific adjustments to meet production requirements and prevents the need of specialized operators for this device. 



For three generations, Mazzaroppi has been a leader in creating and providing outstanding glass industry solutions. Matodi’s team of experts in the flat glass industry recognizes these signs of quality and excellence, which is why we are proud to offer the TP Compact to our clients. When you need a tool that specializes in delivering precise and swift products, choose the TP compact to contribute to your business’s growth, quality and efficiency.

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