NEW! The hinge cutter DC 01 is a unique device that can be fully integrated with the Sulak drillers.

Create shower door notches directly on the drill rather than moving it to a CNC table. The device is equipped with two cutting blades which cut at the same time, shortening the notch cut-out time. One-handed blade rotation (vertical to horizontal) quickly and easily completes the cutting action. The positions are locked by a revolving mechanism. This equipment makes the cuts in a narrow tolerance of the parallelism and the perpendicularity.

The hinge cutter DC 01 can be adjusted to cut a wide range of notches.

  • Small footprint saves you floor space
  • Fully integrated option for any Sulak vertical drill model
  • Sharp rectangular cutouts
  • Saves you time and money because there is no need to put the glass on a cutting table
  • Fast modification of cutting direction


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