Superinox Vertical Washer

“The best of the best in Vertical Washers”

Superinox is a vertical glass washing machine of proven reliability and superior cleaning quality – even for thin/delicate glass.

Designed for:

  • integration in IG lines
  • integration with vertical CN plants
  • stand-alone installation

Superinox vertical glass washing machine is one of the best performing Vertical Washers on the market today.  SUPERINOX features a high level of automation,  reliability and performance along with attention to detail.  SUPERINOX is suitable for operation in line with seaming machines or in high production insulated production lines.

Available in different versions from 2000mm (78”) to 3300mm (129”).

Features Include:

  • Mechanical systems conceived for a superior working life, and is suitable for continuous production on 3 shifts, 24/7
  • Superinox’s washing and drying sections which are in contact with water are manufactured in stainless steel or anti-corrosion materials
  • Superinox delivers perfect washing and drying even at the maximum speed.  Speed regulation is adjusted by means of an inverter
  • Energy consumption can be reduced up to 70% with Neptun’s exclusive Ecosave system
  • PLC with touch screen allows management of speed, Ecosave ( for reduction of energy consumption), thickness and type of glass, and control/management of water quality
  • Superinox is ready for processing delicate glass, and features automatic identification of low-E glass via the PLC
  • Automatic regulation of the glass thickness up to 60 mm
  • Diameter of the brushes is 180 mm for efficient and smooth washing
  • Easy maintenance

Click/tap here to watch the Superinox in action

Superinox can interface directly with other machines including Edgers, Vertical CN lines, and Insulated Lines!

High Performance

Long Lifetime

Maximum Efficiency

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