Wave is the top-of-the-line vertical washing machine that’s flexible, heavy duty and is able to meet the needs of each specific production context, respecting the desired investment level. The standard version has a very sturdy structure, suitable for intense, industrial processing, and with a touch screen PLC that automatically manages the fundamental functions such as speed, thickness opening, water temperature, maintenance and interfacing with other machines online. This basic version can be enriched with a wide range of optional solutions to achieve total automation and superior performance in all senses.

This glass washer can be used as a stand-alone, or in line with other machines like straight-line edgers or sandblasting machines. WAVE can also be installed in line with double-glazing production lines.

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  • Innovation Wide range of workable glass thicknesses. Innovative opening system of the frame for optimal water containment during the washing cycle, according to the processed thickness. Heavy Duty execution (option) with maximum load up to 300kg/ml and thickness up to 80mm. Motorization brushes on top.
  • Powerful control unit Wave is equipped with a powerful control unit with touch screen to manage the machine, remote diagnosis, scheduled maintenance and several innovative functions: water quality control A-Qual, energy saving Ecosave, SmartSpeed for differentiated speed management and optimal drying also of the final glass edge, NightCare for pre-heating of the water, programming of the automatic exchange of the water during the night.
  • Conveying system in the drying section The conveying system in the drying section with touchless belt allows maximum adherence of the edge of the glass and an optimal drying of the surface, without leaving the typical marks of the conveying rollers.
  • Water circuits The water circuits can be configured according to the application, with filters on inlet and outlet, pumps and dedicated sections.
  • COMPLETE AUTOMATION of all functions for optimal integration in line or robotic islands
  • ENERGY SAVING AND LOW NOISE thanks to the Ecosave system
  • IDEAL FOR PROCESSING LOW-E GLASS thanks to large diameter brushes and touchless drying belt
  • WIDE RANGE OF OPTIONS for maximum customization according to customer needs
  • LONG LIFE thanks to the heavy stainless-steel structure in both the washing and drying sections

NightCare At a preset time set on the control panel, the NC activates the automatic emptying of the tanks, at the end of which they are refilled so as to have new water at the beginning of the shift. The function can be set for each day of the week

A-Qual Water circuits that can be configured according to the application, with inlet and outlet filters, pumps and dedicated tank sections. Water quality control and management system, which automatically feeds clean water according to the required level of purity

Special Brushes Soft or high density brushes according to the processing needs

Heating Heating device for a tank up to 60°

Demineralizer DEMI series water demineralization plants. Reverse osmosis system, for the generation of demineralized water. Available with production capacity of 190 lt / hr and tank of 500lt

Ecosave Full Patented system for energy saving according to the size of the glass. Allows a reduction in noise and electricity consumption by up to 60%

Quickservice It allows full access for assistance and updates, not only to the operator panel but also to PLCs, drivers, motors and sensors

Jumbo Kit Heavy duty configuration for Jumbo sheets with thickness up to 80mm and load capacity up to 300kg per linear meter

CN centers connection kit Connection to vertical numerical control centers

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