LV EVO Glass Washing Machines

LV Evo falls into the medium category of vertical washing machines, placing itself between the top of the range Wave and the more affordable LV Top. Thanks to the powerful PLC touch screen, It can be set up with several options such as Ecosave system for reduction of energy consumption, flow meters, antistatic bar, water quality control and many more functions for special applications. The LV Evo, is the most automated mid-level vertical washing machine on the market and can easily be defined as the best fusion of budget, performance and automation.

This glass washer can be used as a stand-alone, or in line with other machines like straight-line edgers or sandblasting machines. LV EVO can also be installed in line with double-glazing production lines.

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  • Supporting structure in stainless-steel with tempered glass doors and independent frames for the washing and drying sections. Motorization of front and rear brushes mounted on the structure for better protection from water and humidity.
  • Powerful touch screen control unit for machine functionality management, remote diagnosis, scheduled maintenance and numerous innovative optional functions similar to the superior Wave model.
  • Configurable with 4 or 6 brushes and prewashing. Tank in stainless steel. Separated water circuits with pumps. Resistance for water heating with safety floater.
  • Glass conveying system with rubber scratchproof rollers, driven by maintenance free conical gears. Mechanical transmission in stainless steel. Axes of the conveying rollers and of the brushes made in stainless steel.
  • Automation. Automatic opening of the machine by means of a glass thickness reading sensor. The glass thickness can also be acquired by the machine in upstream line (straight-line edgers or vertical work center) or downstream.
  • MOTORIZATION of the brushes above the structure
  • READING THE GLASS THICKNESS and automatic opening
  • HIGH LEVEL OF AUTOMATION thanks to a PLC touch screen
  • ENERGY SAVING AND LOW NOISE thanks to the Ecosave system
  • LONG LIFE thanks to the heavy stainless-steel structure in both the washing and drying sections

  • Ecosave Base Patented system for energy saving according to the size of the glass. Allows a reduction in noise and electricity consumption by up to 60%
  • CN centers connection kit Connection to vertical numerical control centers
  • Quickservice It allows full access for assistance and updates, not only to the operator panel but also to PLCs, drivers, motors and sensors.
  • Flow switches to check the filter cleaning status
  • Special Brushes Soft or high density brushes according to the processing needs
  • Heating Heating device for a tank up to 60°

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