VTS 03 Scout Vertical Drilling Machine

Our most popular model!

This heavy duty but easy to use drill is capable of drilling up to 3/4” glass, in sizes ranging from a minimum glass size of 5” X 2”, and thanks to the open design of the VTS03 Scout, it is possible to drill to a depth of 35 1/2” from the edge of the glass.

The VTS03 Scout is also capable of drilling holes from 1/4” all the way up to 4”! The VTS Scout also features an inverter to set the RPM of the spindles (important for maximum drill bit efficiency and life), semi automatic X axis movement, and easy to use precision stops to line up multiple holes quickly and easily.

Changeover is fast and simple, and moving the glass in the vertical position eliminates the glass scratching issues associated with horizontal drills.




Fast Adjustment for Both 75mm and 95mm Core Drills

Unique Glass Clamping System

Fast Setup With Accurate Holes

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