Total Solution for Painting Glass!


Combine the GoldGlass MRC 2350 CI/2850 with the GoldGlass GD-7000, and the result is an all in one solution for painting glass.

The MRC-2350 CI/2850 M spray paints the glass, the painted glass is transferred to the GD-7000, which then dries the glass.

Thanks to the design of the GD-7000, the glass comes out of the dryer cool to the touch and ready to be handled (Final curing time depends on the paint).

The PAINTLINE is also a good solution for spray painting Ceramic Frit paints; when the glass comes out of the PAINTLINE, it is ready to be handled and fed into a furnace for final curing.

One operator can easily operate the line!

GoldGlass – First in Painting Glass!


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