TMA Shuttle Storage

Revolutionary Concept that Moves the Full Rack in Front of Automatic Loaders

Here are some advantages of the MOVETRO TMA Shuttle Storage System:

  • Space – The density of stored glass is much higher than conventional racks
  • Productivity – The shuttle storage system does not move a single sheet, but the full rack, up to 15 tons at the same time. The glass flow from the storage to the production line is no problem! Also MOVETRO TMA is able to feed several cutting lines at the same time.
  • Non-Stop Production – Thanks to the loading station, when a rack is empty, the operator can inset glass without stopping the cutting lines.
  • Flexibility – The shuttle is able to move between columns in a building, and can transfer the racks where the ceiling is low and the operator cannot load glass because there is no space for a crane.
  • Safety – The operator only works in the restricted area of the loading station; there is no need to go inside the restricted area where glass is stored.



The modular concept of Movetro TMA allows the customer to choose their own floor plan according to the space and or production needs. It’s possible to combine several types of racks, or different positioning for the line feeding stations or unloading stations.

One of the most important aspects is the fact that Movetro TMA can be modified or upgraded even long after the installation; Movetro TMA can grow as your company grows!

Glass Storage can be defined as the first stage of the production chain. For this reason, it has to be easily managed and controlled.

Movetro TMA is typically equipped with:

  • Modern control cabinet with touch screen control with clear messages, available in several languages for ease of use
  • Management software connected with the cutting optimizer, offices and cutting lines
  • Hardware for an internet connection for remote assistance.

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