GoldGlass Paintline and Matodi

GlassBuild 2021 Preview!

Welcome to Matodi’s show preview page! We hope to see you at Booth #2441 this year in Atlanta! Please send us an email or give us a call (336.668.2300) if you’d like more information or need a quote prior to the show!

Barbaric B4 Lifter

Barbaric UGL 4

The Barbaric UGL 4 is a specialized handling system that allows you to lift the glass up to 550 pounds (a model that lifts up to 1100 pounds is also available). It is used for vertical and horizontal transport of glass. Additional models will also be on display at our booth this year! Learn more

Battellino FP6

Battellino SRM 2000

Our Battellino SRM 2000 is a sealing robot designed for small to medium-sized businesses looking to add more automation to their insulating glass production capabilities. Windows continue to get larger and heavier, making hand-sealing much more difficult, time-consuming, and costly. Learn more

Quick 2 T8 Neptun - Matodi

Neptun Quick 2 T8

Quick 2 T8 is an all-in-one automatic vertical CNC milling and drilling workstation designed to save space while delivering high-speed accuracy, ease of use, and low maintenance costs. It can drill, countersink, and mill quickly with high precision. Learn more

Rock 11 Straight Line Edger

Neptun Rock 11 with AWA and Parallelogram Device

Matodi will showcase Neptun’s Rock with AWA and Parallelogram device at GlassBuild 2021. The latest addition to our ever evolving and reliable straight-line edger is a support trolley that will allow you to edge non-rectangular shapes by keeping them in a safe and workable position. With this option you will be able to process up to four pieces on non-rectangular glass simultaneously (up to 2600mm in height, 21mm thickness, and a 40° angle). Learn more

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