There’s a new printing line in town – Dinamica from Keraglass. The printing and coating machinery produced by Keraglass is always impressive, but Dinamica brings some new and exciting features to the flat glass industry.

This printing line is ideal for those with projects from automotive to home appliances and even interior design. It provides a unique blend of flexibility and high speed that cannot be achieved with conventional screen printers. With a streamlined process, the operator can choose between single-pass or multi-pass printing. With the single-pass process, the printing unit is fixed, and the glass moves, allowing the application of a single “coat” in multiple colors. With multi-pass printing, after the automatic alignment operation, the glass sheet is stopped and scanning printed, with the dexterity to change the color printing sequence. The ceramic ink that is used continuously recirculates, allowing for more efficient repetitive printing jobs. With the Dinamica line, you will experience constant availability as well as flexibility.

In addition to ease of printing, the Dinamica line has an automated cleaning system for the printing heads, requiring less downtime and less operator intervention. The pre-alignment setting for glass sheets adds further automation to the line. The Dinamica line also includes the iheat and idry systems, which utilize IR lamps placed above the roller conveyors. The iheat system, placed ahead of the Dinamica, preheats the glass to ensure optimal results during the printing process. At the end of the line, idry will dry the ink to ensure a perfect piece of printed glass every time.

The easy processes with Dinamica continue with maintenance and management. The Supervision Intelligent Software allows you to quickly and easily manage ink parameters and machine set-up. Routine maintenance reminders can also be managed through the software as well as manual checks and adjustments that will help keep your machine running at full efficiency for years to come.

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