Matodi and Keraglass – An overall view that makes a difference.

What characterizes Keraglass and has enabled the company to succeed as a world leader in the sector?

Its “all-around” approach to the glass industry.

Keraglass offers innovative, functional and targeted solutions, developed from a concrete and direct analysis of the problems that can arise in glass processing – particularly in flat and bent tempered glass, screen printing, roller-coating and laminating.

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Printing and Coating

Founded in the early nineties by Stefano Spezzani, in just a few years Keraglass became a point of reference in the sector of plant engineering for glass processing. Keraglass remains a driver of innovation in this sector, thanks also to the synergies developed with the key players on the market.

One example can be found in the creation of the KFO Double Star, a new glass tempering furnace with a pre-heating convective chamber, successfully tested by the experimental glass station and designed to respond to the requirements of UNI marking in an increasingly specific and efficient manner, and to temper the latest generation of LOW-E glass with the maximum quality.

With a view for a continuous growth and an extension of the offer of the company expertise, in 2014 Keraglass signed a technological partnership agreement with the Emmegi Group, world leader in the production of machining systems for aluminum profiles, light alloy, PVC and iron. Glass is therefore added in a complete production range and to a commercial network operating on five continents.

Other models are also available.

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