By Mark Truhe

When comparing drill bits, price of the drill should not be the determining factor in your purchasing decision. For example, if Drill A cost $50 and Drill B cost $75, is Drill A always the better value? Even if both drills performed with the same quality of cutting, you couldn’t accurately determine that Drill A was the better choice. The life of both drill bits, or simply put, price per hole drilled is a much more accurate comparison of the value of each tool.

If Drill A at $50 can cut 1,000 holes over its lifetime, then its price per hole drilled would be $0.05 per hole. If the more expensive Drill B at $75 can cut 2,000 holes, then its price per hole drilled would be $0.0375 per hole. Drill B gives you a 25% savings over Drill A and offers the better value.

PowerCore drill bits from Matodi offer superior cutting and long life that you can rely on for any job, large or small. All brass construction on drills under two inches means no rust. Brass threads on all the drills will not strip out the shafts on the costly spindles of your drilling machine. PowerCore drills are available in any size from 4mm up to 165mm (1/8” up to 6 ½”). They are available in all of the common lengths in both Belgian mount (1/2” GAS) and straight shank.

Choose PowerCore for all your drilling needs.

More holes.  Clean cuts.  Consistent quality.  Superior value.

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