Before the Quick 2 T8, Neptun developed and offered the QuickLine, consisting of two machines – the QuickDrill and the QuickMill. These machines work as two simultaneous, but separate operations that offer the fastest cycle times in the industry. This solution is wonderful but requires a larger footprint compared to other types of milling and drilling equipment. One example of success comes from our customers in Nashville, TN. Prior to the installation of the QuickLine, they were only able to process up to 60 panels every 2 days (8-10 hour shifts) with one Rock 10-45 and 3 fabricators drilling and hand-sawing notches.

Immediately after the QuickLine installation, they were processing 60 doors in approximately 8 hours with only one operator (i.e., productivity doubled with 1/3 of the labor compared to hand notching) while using hand-programming from paper drawings. Over 5 ½ years later, they are producing up to 100+ panels a day in the same 8 hour shift with some hand programming in addition to an ERP barcode scanning system to import dxf files.

After repeated successes with the QuickLine, Neptun now offers this high level of efficiency to customers with limited floorspace with the Quick 2 T8. This machine can drill, countersink, and mill quickly and precisely while maintaining a small footprint that will fit into your production space. This innovative vertical CNC machine is also equipped with automatic dressing, measuring, and tool changing systems to make operation a breeze. While this combination machine has a cycle time that is slightly longer than the QuickLine option, it can reliably process one door in less than 10 minutes with hand-programming from paper drawings. The Quick 2 is available with many options and customizations including higher racks, a barcode system, and QuickService remote technician support.

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