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We all know how important clean water is in the flat glass industry, but do we know the best systems that facilitate clean water? Traditional water treatment systems such as filter presses, centrifuge separation systems and coolant/flocculant gravity settle systems often require expensive chemicals ($10,000+/year) and frequent maintenance and cleaning to keep them running correctly. Even when they function properly, they often are not able to be used with certain machines/tools such as CNC spindles and cerium polish wheels. Improper monitoring of these systems can lead to corrosion of your machinery over time. Moreover, these systems require storage of fresh water and often need rebuilding or frequent replacement of parts. While these options may be suitable for some in the flat glass industry, they often fall short on providing an efficient and cost-effective long-term solution. IMMMES is that solution.

Since the 1990s, IMMMES has been designing and developing high-quality, industrial water treatment systems from their headquarters in Italy. Dedicated to innovation and ground-braking technology, IMMMES has continued to grow and now over 350 DTP water treatment systems for the glass industry have been installed across the world. Each IMMMES system is custom-designed and produced at IMMMES headquarters – resulting in satisfied customers like our friends at Syracuse Glass. Perhaps most importantly, they succeed in meeting the requirements of low energy consumption and reduced environmental impact, which are growing concerns in the flat glass industry.

The process of the IMMMES system revolutionizes water treatment – absolutely no chemicals are needed to clean the water. With IMMMES you do not need to use flocculant or coagulant – instead you only need some chemicals for pH control and upkeep of the media filter (approximate costs of $2,000/year). While there is no need for coolant, the IMMMES system can be used with it, if you choose. The automatic and self-regulating system dehydrates, compacts and stores the sludge that typically occurs from glass processing, making the process easy and mess-free.

In addition to these features, the IMMMES water towers can be placed inside or outside of your shop and the size is determined by your unique needs. A single system can be used to supply all your glass edging and polishing machinery as well as washers and can run on a 23- or 24-hour loop based on your preference. Moreover, the main DTP tower and media filter do not need maintenance – only the valves and the pumps – saving you from numerous hours of costly maintenance each year. The IMMMES system also continues to clean water even during the dump cycle – making it more efficient then the traditional water treatment systems. You’ll also continue to prepare for Industry 4.0 with the high-level automation IMMMES systems offer – including remote access and internet connection. If you’re interested in finding out more about how IMMMES can be customized for your shop head over to our contact us page and send us an email!