By Steve White

Matodi’s Quality, Experience, Service = Value

One of Matodi’s customers was running a well-used beveler for their thriving beveling business in 2017.  Like many customers, they viewed Cerium Oxide polish as a typical commodity and made their purchasing decision solely based on the price.  Matodi worked with them to show the advantages of our Power-Pol Cerium Oxide polish and how it could reduce cleaning time, maintenance time and save them money!  With a custom blend of proprietary suspension agents that is quality controlled in the USA, we first set out to evaluate the performance and usage of the “bargain-brand” Cerium Oxide polish compared to our custom formulated Power-Pol.

The customer was using an average of 7-8 buckets of Cerium per year for their straight-line beveling and shape beveling needs.  After switching to the Power-Pol Cerium oxide, they cut down their usage to 4-5 boxes/buckets per year.  The operator noticed less accumulation of Cerium on the tracks as they were able to polish with less Cerium powder in the tank. They also added Cerium less frequently throughout the weeks before cleaning their tank.  Power-Pol is formulated with special dry additives designed to easily rinse from the glass and machine resulting in less wear that is typically caused from the abrasive Cerium sticking and clinging to the machine surfaces.

Improved polish quality was also observed by the operator; they found it easier to maintain a bright and consistent polish even on their widest bevels on the straight line and shape machines. Less operator hassle means more saleable beveled mirror for your shop!

This particular straight-line beveler did not have a functioning paddle stirrer for their Cerium tank.  They were forced to rely on recirculated slurry to keep the cerium suspended.  Each morning and throughout the day, the operator would stir the tank with a paddle to re-suspend the powder that would settle in the middle of the tank.  After switching to Power-Pol, this was no longer a consistent problem.  One stir in the morning, and the polish maintained suspension throughout the day without the operator’s constant attention! The same year, Matodi helped them to source the components needed to repair their mechanical paddle stirrer, along with their tooling and felts.

Four years later in 2021, their beveling business continues to grow, thanks in part to Power-Pol’s performance where other “bargain-brand” Ceriums have failed.  Matodi’s Power-Pol provides strength and polishing longevity with a clean, easily dispersed formula. Combined with Matodi’s felts and diamond tooling, we bring Quality, Experience, and Service to your beveling and cerium edge polishing needs.