Matodi is pleased to report that the recent IMMMES DTP installation at Syracuse Glass went very well.IMMMES DTP is a totally closed loop system. As far as we know, this is the only system in the world where the water is pumped directly from the machines into DTP, filtered, and pumped directly back to the machines.Here are some main advantages:
  • It’s possible to eliminate the water tanks at the machines.
  • Insides of the machines are kept clean, drastically reducing machine maintenance.
  • Diamond and polish wheels run more efficiently thanks to clean water.
  • No coolant needed!
  • Totally automatic system, internet connected for Industry 4.0

Here are some pictures from the IMMMES DTP install:

John Lloyd the main tank of the DTP system

Max Williams by the final filtration unit, which produces water under 10 microns, clean enough for any CNC machine!

The main control cabinet, and a view of the main operating screen

A view of the Filter Press unit used in the DTP system. Fully automatic, no pressure washing needed! Glass swarf comes out as dry cakes.