Glass washing for special applications requires expertise.

The required degree of cleaning for a flat glass sheet depends on three main criteria: what type of dirt the glass carries, which process it went through before it reaches the washer and what is the next step of its journey.

A normal glass sheet for architectural purposes might just need to be visually well cleaned and dried, but plates meant to go through a digital printer, for example, requires much higher standards if you want to avoid serious quality problems with the end product.

Thanks to the long-lasting experience in glass cleaning machinery and pushed by their strive for continuous technological improvement, Neptun has developed a series of horizontal washers for special applications, among which is the Tornado PR.

Tornado PR is specifically equipped with a wide range of features that ensure conformity with the highest standards of cleanliness required in digital printing processes, including the advanced automatic management of the water quality, an antistatic bar and specific brushes to remove up to the smallest particles, in order not to compromise the printing process.

Contact us to learn more about Tornado PR or to learn more about other optimized solutions for specific applications like lamination, screen printing, ceramic inks, ultra-thin glass, coated glass, solar etc.

Source: Neptun Advanced Processing Systems