GlassBuild Booth Matodi

Have you ever wondered what it takes to set up a booth with flat glass machinery at GlassBuild?

As you might imagine, this is a huge undertaking; moving machines and supplies into the show floor and getting everything together in just a few days!

We will be posting pictures and videos day-by-day of the Matodi booth as it comes together, to show the evolution of how a large machinery booth is constructed!

Among the machines that will be built in Matodi’s GlassBuild booth include:

Neptun ROCK 14/45 Fourteen spindle variable angle mitering machine with extended conveyors and racks.

GoldGlass MRC 2350 Glass Spray Painting Machine

Neptun WAVE HP 2342-20P Vertical glass washing machine with Water Quality Control

EMH Overhead Crane system

Barbaric Lifters, including the B2s, B4, and Single Lifter

And of course, the Matodi Tower!

In addition, we will have video and pictures of the day-by-day activities from the show.

Will you be at the show? Stop by and say hello! Our booth number is 1949.